The IC2 has formed the following workgroups to implement and manage the IC2's functions and activities:

Alternatives Assessment Workgroup
The IC2 Alternatives Assessment Workgroup supports state and local development of alternatives assessment (AA) methods, coordinates with other organizations involved in AA activities, and makes resources, common protocols, and results available to the IC2 membership.

Database Workgroup
The IC2 Database Workgroup assesses the chemical data needs and priorities of the IC2 membership and develops IC2 data and information systems to address those priorities. The Workgroup has reviewed a variety of chemicals databases and has developed several online systems.

Governance, Outreach, & Recruitment Workgroup
The IC2 Governance, Outreach, and Recruitment Workgroup maintains the Clearinghouse's governance framework, including membership criteria, member contributions, Board structure, and overall goals and objectives. The Workgroup also leads member recruitment and outreach efforts.

Procurement Workgroup
In late 2016, the IC2 created a Workgroup to explore how the Clearinghouse can play a role in most effectively advancing low toxicity product procurement. This group is still defining its purpose, but areas of interest include:

  • Discussing how patterns of chemical use can inform environmentally preferable procurement
  • Defining how states and municipalities can work together to enhance the market for less toxic products
  • Identifying what product categories would be good targets for action
  • Sharing specification language and informing individual or joint procurement
  • Working with large vendors to harmonize green product claims with state requirements

Training Workgroup
The IC2 Training Workgroup plans informational and technical training sessions for the IC2 members. These trainings, in conference call and webinar formats, are presented approximately four times per year.