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Past events

October 31, 2017: IC2 Webinar: P2OASys Update and Relaunch

October 24, 2017: IC2 Webinar: Paper-making 101: Fluorinated chemicals in fiber-based food packaging

October 3, 2017: IC2 New Members Webinar

July 18, 2017: IC2 Webinar: Greening Procurement in New York State

May 25, 2017: IC2 Webinar: TURI Sports Turf Alternatives Assessment

December 1, 2016: IC2 Webinar: Evaluating Product Performance during Alternatives Assessment

September 19, 2016: IC2 Webinar: Automotive Chemical Management and the IMDS

July, 14, 2016: IC2 Webinar: GS1 and the Wercs on Collecting Information on Chemical Ingredients

June 28, 2016: IC2 Webinar: Walmart and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) on Chemical Ingredient Disclosure

June 7, 2016: IC2 Webinar: Decision Making and Life Cycle Considerations in Alternatives Assessment

May 18, 2016: Developing a Toxicological Framework for the Prioritization of the Children's Safe Product Act Data

March 24, 2016: IC2 Webinar: Healthy Babies Bright Futures

December 3, 2015: IC2 Webinar: An Update on the California Safer Consumer Products Program

November 24, 2015: IC2 Webinar: Chemicals without Harm

June 24, 2015: IC2 Webinar: Bisphenol A, Endocrine Disruption, and the Evaluation of Alternatives

June 3 & 4, 2015: IC2 Face-to-face Planning Meeting, Olympia, WA

April 21, 2015: IC2 Webinar: Evaluation of the IC2 Alternatives Assessment Guide

March 26, 2015: IC2 Webinar: EcoValuate's Alternatives Assessment Software Tool

December 15, 2014: IC2 Webinar: Mind the Store Campaign

September 16, 2014: IC2 Webinar: GreenScreen® Assessments of Flame Retardants

October 16, 2013: IC2 Meeting: Chemical Use Disclosure

February 25, 2013: IC2 Webinar: Chemical Use Disclosure

October 18, 2012: IC2 Webinar: OSHA Alignment with the Global Harmonization System (GHS)

December 20, 2011: IC2 Webinar: Chemical Use Reporting Systems

October 20, 2011: IC2 Safer Alternatives Webinar: Learning the IC2 Safer Alternatives Wiki

October 4, 2011: IC2 Webinar: Toxics in Chemicals: An Ecologic & Lifespan Perspective

March 7, 2011: IC2 Webinar: Green Chemistry - Principles and State Leadership

January 20, 2011: IC2 Webinar: REACH Regulation - A Member-State Perspective

January 13, 2011: IC2 Safer Alternatives Webinar: Considering Technical Feasibility when conducting Alternatives Assessments

November 1, 2010: IC2 Webinar: Presentation on the Greener Chemicals and Process Information Standard

July 21, 2010: IC2 Safer Alternatives Webinar: Defining "Safer"

June 30, 2010: IC2 Webinar: U.S. & Canadian Action on Priority Chemicals

June 07, 2010: IC2 Webinar: U.S. Environmental & Bio Monitoring Data Sources

February 24, 2010: IC2 Webinar: Introduction to the Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification & Labeling

November 12, 2009: IC2 Webinar: Safer Alternatives